Neurons to Nirvana Documentary- So great!

I just watched this really great documentary called Neurons to Nirvana! Watch it for free here: (there are a few ads, so please ignore them- it's not my video)
Those of you who are looking to explore spiritual realms, look deeper into your life purpose and overcome depression with the aid of so-called psychedelics- this is a movie for you. 

Have an open mind and you will have an open life :)

Plant Pure Nation! Best documentary EVER!

I cannot wait to see this positive documentary, Plant Pure Nation, about switching to a plant-based diet! I'm so excited that the same people who made Forks Over Knives have created this new one :) Please share and enjoy!

This Video Will Change Your Day. I am With You :)

I love you guys. I really do. We need to go do something now. Put your phone and your laptop away and go do something. I am with you.

Hello, My Cuties! Happy Winter!

It is cold here in Canada right now, but I am making the most of it. So so beautiful here. 

I am so excited about something I have been working on ~ I will finally be opening my new shoppe!! I have always loved making magical objects like crystal amulets, potions and elixirs, so in the light of things that delight me, I will be calling the shoppe Design The Light, and here it is- my new online shoppe!! : :D Please visit me there!


An 11 year old girl dyed my hair blue with kool-aid :D

Hello, my lovelies! How are you all doing? It's winter here in Toronto, and that means I get a little restless.. So I usually do funny things this time of year. I was visiting my friends at their cottage and their beautiful 11 year old daughter, Hannah died my hair an icy blue with kool-aid and food colouring :D 

Here is a really great article on how to make your own natural food colouring!

NASA Just Released The Largest Photo Ever Taken of The Andromeda Galaxy:

NASA Just Released The Largest Photo Ever Taken of The Andromeda Galaxy, and it will blow your mind. How do we wrap our minds around this? We forget that we are floating around in space. We get so distracted and pulled down by this everyday reality that we have no concept to embrace the big picture (the HUMONGOUS PICTURE!). I have no words. Life is beautiful. Everywhere.

What Is Reality? Awesome Documentary!:

Hello, beautiful! I just watched this great documentary called "What Is Reality?", and thought you would enjoy it :)) Its my favourite subject, basically- quantum weirdness at its best! The universe is so wonderful and mysterious, and it lightens the heart to know that it just might all be an illusion.. I hope you like it! 

(if you are receiving this by email just visit me on the blog to watch the full documentary for free: Yay!

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