An 11 year old girl dyed my hair blue with kool-aid :D

Hello, my lovelies! How are you all doing? It's winter here in Toronto, and that means I get a little restless.. So I usually do funny things this time of year. I was visiting my friends at their cottage and their beautiful 11 year old daughter, Hannah died my hair an icy blue with kool-aid and food colouring :D 

Here is a really great article on how to make your own natural food colouring!

NASA Just Released The Largest Photo Ever Taken of The Andromeda Galaxy:

NASA Just Released The Largest Photo Ever Taken of The Andromeda Galaxy, and it will blow your mind. How do we wrap our minds around this? We forget that we are floating around in space. We get so distracted and pulled down by this everyday reality that we have no concept to embrace the big picture (the HUMONGOUS PICTURE!). I have no words. Life is beautiful. Everywhere.

What Is Reality? Awesome Documentary!:

Hello, beautiful! I just watched this great documentary called "What Is Reality?", and thought you would enjoy it :)) Its my favourite subject, basically- quantum weirdness at its best! The universe is so wonderful and mysterious, and it lightens the heart to know that it just might all be an illusion.. I hope you like it! 

(if you are receiving this by email just visit me on the blog to watch the full documentary for free: Yay!

This Cymatics Video Will Amaze You! The True Nature Of Our Reality:

Hello, beautiful!
I have always been fascinated with cymatics (the study of how sound creates visual shapes), and I came across this wonderful short video that I want to share with you! (if you are receiving this by email just visit the blog to view the

Everything is in a state of vibration even if a thing looks solid as a table, or the walls in your apartment. The following is one of my favourite video clips that challenges and brings into examination our entire social structure and beliefs of the nature of reality:

Let's evolve ourselves consciously, and wake up to our true nature, which is the perfect creator of everything around us- a powerful and unified pattern of love. Nothing is separate. Watch the videos and then sit with the information. I am committed to living with an open heart, and sharing with whoever wants to join me :)

Why Does The World Feel Like It's Changing? How to Create The World You Want!

Here is another video by the lovely Infinite Waters on how to create in a world that's changing. In fact we are creating with everything we think, feel and do. It's all about our belief systems. I have been learning so much through experience in the past few years about the power of belief systems, and how we are literally creating every single thing in our lives, the good and the bad.

I will be posting much more on this soon. I'm sorry for being distant and neglecting the blog a little, but I am in the throws of writing my next book, and it's a huge one, that I am so excited about! The working title so far is "Raw Food & Modern Alchemy ~ Recipes For a New Life", and it's filled to the brim with not only gorgeous raw recipes, but secret, magical and proven ways of creating the exact life you want!  

I'm dedicated and so grateful to this Youniverse. Keep up all the great work you are doing!

ps. if you are receiving this via email just go to the blog to view the video: :) xx

10 Signs You Are Becoming Aligned :)

We are all trying to get more in the flow of life, feel more ‘joie de vivre’ and, improve our own individual abilities to go with the ‘ebbs’ and ‘flows’. Life is a practice, an art form in itself, and becoming aligned with our path and purpose allows us to evolve, and move forward through existence. Here are 10 signs that you're becoming more aligned with your flow of life:

1. You feel happy, the majority of the time.
2. You feel your time is more well balanced than it was before.
3. You accept life as a process, and are no longer trying to rush results.
4. Doors of opportunity open for you, because you put your energy in the right places, and you are able to work with these opportunities towards personal growth and self expression.

5. You feel like you are in flow with your life, and approach situations with little or no resistance, just acceptance and surrender.
6. You follow your gut feelings, and are tuned-in to your authentic and emotional self.
7. You honour yourself, without question. This is your life and you are writing the play.
8. You are kind to yourself. You treat your body, mind and soul with respect, and you treat others with the same regard.

9. You find change exciting, and you enjoy the challenges of adaptation.
10. You approach life with an open heart. 
YOU are amazing.


26 things that will happen to you when you decide to leave the big city:

So, you’ve been living in Toronto, (or any big city), for a while; you’ve moved passed the allure, and have decided to make a break. You’re bound to go through a dramatic shift, so here’s a list of what your first taste of city freedom may feel like. Be prepared.

(Within the first 10 minutes of departure..)

1. You’ll suddenly feel like an inadequate specimen of the human species. (What else is there outside of the city?) "I’m Bored.." begins to seep into your mind.

2. FoMo or ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ syndrome will settle in. Why would I leave the city? Nothing happens anywhere else.

3. As the city noise fades into the background, social angst begins… and so does your obvious addiction to social media, as you scroll through the newsfeed searching for something, anything, to reconnect you to city life in that moment.

(20 minutes outside of the city..)

4. You (finally) begin to accept your fate, theres no turning back now.

5. You set your phone down, and being to calm the inner anxiety. For now.

6. A.D.D. hits you. You can't stop thinking about your phone. Breathe. You got this. 

7. You realize ‘being cool’ is all a matter of perception. You can still be an awesome chick.

8. You’ll remember how to communicate without the use of technology- traditional ‘in person’.

9. You’ll be grateful that you’re not using the city transit system. 
10. You’ll start to notice the smell of the air. Without pollution.

11. You see how much open space there is around you.

(Beyond, in space and time)

12. You notice that your ego has grown, and your city snobbery.

13. You’ll recognize the defined lines between fair-weather friends and people who actually care about you.

14. You begin to realize that city life is like living in a bubble.

15. You’ll have more time, and less obligatory social pressures.

16. You will make plans, and follow through; to do things in nature like hiking, camping! (the forest will call you).

17. You remember that buildings without cockroaches actually exist.

18. You regain conscious connection with the Earth, and the food you eat.

19. You remember that there is more to life than working to pay your rent.

20. You’ll save money. (how is everything so much cheaper out here?)

21. You feel comfortable leaving your house in track pants. (not sure that's a good thing actually..)

22. You disconnect with the illusion of city life.

23. You (finally) realize you've been desensitized to over-stimulation.

24. Holy crap did you know there are billions of stars out there?!!

25. You can hear your thoughts.

26. You can breathe again. 

(your transition is complete). 


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