After Half a Year of Living In a Tent, I'm Back Home :)

Hello my lovelies! Well... after half a year of living in a tent on a beach in Costa Rica (Dominical!), I am back in Toronto. The idea of the Good In-Tent Project was to live in a tent for a whole year, but to be honest, living apart from James for a year is.. really hard, and a bit insane :) 
I had an incredible time, and made friends for life there! Thank you so much to everyone who welcomed me with so much hospitality. It was moving, beyond belief, and it's something I have never experienced anywhere else in the world. 

The city is an energy explosion.. but as chaotic as it is, it's beautiful somehow too.

It's a bit overwhelming to be back with all the energy of the city, but it's really positive too. It will take me some time to process everything that happened in Costa Rica, and I will go back again in a heartbeat! Thank You Universe, for these amazing lessons. 
I will miss the ocean most of all

To my beautiful people in Costa Rica:
Thank you Myra for your constant bright smile, and for being there right from the start, to Allan for helping me to learn Spanish (I still have far to go, but I'll get it), and for sitting with me at sunsets, to Selena for your party energy and kick-ass attitude, to Erin for loving me unconditionally and inspiring me to be way more adventurous, to Oscar for your embracing hugs, and for your protection, to Gina for your sensual approach to preparing food and for taking care of me, to Jen for letting me steal the wifi from your awesome beach restaurant, and for your beautiful spirit, thank you to Dave for being the sweetest person ever, for taking me out on your boat to see dolphins (almost got killed, but we made it), and for trusting me right from the beginning (also for making me feel like Norm from Cheers!), to Cat for being so lovely and welcoming all the time, to Maria-Christina for making me fresh orange juice every morning, to Jen M for always checking on me in my tent, and the great conversations, to Matteo for stealing me away to the mountains to go do stuff, for our journeys together, and for allowing me in, to DC for being the coolest dude in the world, to the best lifeguards on the planet- Playa Dominical Lifeguards, who save lives and lend their smiles to everyone, to Josh for giving me a place to dance on Wednesday nights, and for the beautiful food, to Kenny for the best set at Envision Festival, and for our awesome run for the border, to Fractal for your wild ideas and adventurous nature, to Simone for the most fun night ever with music, lights and laughter, to

Amy for being such a badass cool chick, to Angelina for visiting me from home and for teaching me how to really live, to Amanda W for being the most lively butterfly with a heart of gold, to Jeffry for the coolest request I've ever had, to Scotti for your inspirational courage after losing your leg, to J for your epic photography, documenting all the fun times, to Eric and Rosie for showing us how true love is really done, to Kali and Janior for always being so fun (JJ is the smartest, cutest kid alive), to Carlito for the warm hugs and smiles, to Amanda S for a most magical time spent together by the river and in Crystal Land, to John for the incredible contributions to this project and all the support, to James for you ever agreeing to this idea in the first place, and for not enjoying your new found freedom so much that you wouldn't have me back, and.. to everyone I am unintentionally leaving out! 

I really made friends with myself too, and learned what I'm made of- I feel like I can do anything now. I faced a lot of fears, and came through with flying colours. 
Believe it or not I will miss living in a tent :)
Thank you to everyone who followed along, wrote messages to me and thought of me in my little tent from time to time :) What I learned from all of this is that if we just step outside of our comfort zones, we will find a life we never ever expected, and it's always worth the risk :) I love you guys.


Project 10:10:10: Pill or Perception Full Documentary!

I just ate my first persimmon today too! Delicious! 
Hey guys! I just watched this amazing documentary called Project 10:10:10: Pill or Perception, and I thought I'd share it with you! I don't know why I've never heard of it before now, but it really affirmed my understanding of how much more powerful we are than we have been led to believe.

Project 10:10:10 focuses on the keys to taking more responsibility for our wellbeing, rather than allowing stress from our environment and our upbringing to create illness. Environment is everything. Our genes are profoundly changed by the environments they find themselves in, and it turns out that our perception of things creates the environment. How were we raised? What belief systems do we currently hold that keeps us from achieving our deepest aspirations in life? 

So this is your homework for today: Watch the film and reflect on what beliefs you hold firm about your body, your illnesses, your family, job and the possibilities that await, lying just outside of those things.

Have a magical day, everyone! And remember to find the beauty in everything, especially yourselves :)


Cleaning Up The Oceans in Just 5 Years! Ted Talk :)

This is one of the greatest projects we will ever undertake. Cleaning up the oceans- specifically the five massive plastic gyres, which trap, sicken and kill wildlife, along with polluting the food chain.

Here is a really great, and short, documentary about the plastic in the ocean :) We can do this!

Vaccinated Fruits and Vegetables.. OMFG.

Vaccinated Fruits and vegetables.. OMFG. This sympathy-driving article written for abc News, bowled me over when I read it (click link above to read it for yourself). This very thing is what a former friend of mine was working on NINE YEARS AGO, and I was horrified to hear it, hoping it would never see the light of day, but here it is. Darth Vader, (the name of said former friend has been changed. Just because.), develops vaccines for a living and works for a huge pharmaceutical company out of the UK. He holds several patents, and has been featured in many peer reviewed publications. He's smart. He also does not see that these creations can be used to force-feed vaccines to an entire population that does not care to be vaccinated. I have no doubt that it is currently being used today without us knowing it, in much the same way we were never asked if we wanted genetically manipulated food in all of our stores. I don't want to be vaccinated, and I should have that right to decide, but it seems like our choices are being taken away from us one by one. 

If, as the article suggest, this scientist really wants to put this into the hands of people who will grow it in their back yards because he knows that "...no pharmaceutical company is going to do it because there's no driving driving economic reason... so I'm going to spend the next five years trying to make it so easy that anybody can do it", then there is absolutely no way that the vaccinated food will ever be kept separate from the unvaccinated food! 

I usually don't let things get to me, but this is so over the top that I am literally sitting here in bewilderment. I also just read this article, about how Obama has signed a Monsanto Protection Act, which at this moment has been repealed, but what is happening in this world? I know that both of these articles are a couple of years old, so they must have somehow slipped past my radar. It just blows my mind. It's like we are living in a scifi movie. Luckily most movies have happy endings, so I'm counting on that..?

I will not get into why Darth Vader is my former friend (other than to say he is a know-it-all scientist who believes in his god-like ability to know what's best for everyone in the world, and is completely blind to the fact that the very things he develops can, and WILL, be used for dark purposes.. Ok I'm done..). Peace and light..

So what now? How can I, when I live in a city, grow all of my own food? Looks like James and I will have to move out of the city and start a new life with other like-minded people. It's in the works. Enough is enough. 


A Snake Lunged at Me Inches From My Face! Yikes.

This is the snake that was inches from my face!
So I'm staying at my friends cabina for the next couple of weeks and last night i was washing fruit in the sink, when I saw something move right near my face, sort of lunging at me, and I jumped back, shakingly got a candle (its dark in here), and saw that it was a snake!!!!!!!!! My ultimate biggest fear in the universe. Inches from my face almost at eye level with me bending over to wash the fruit.. It was small (like only 2.5 feet), but still in the shape of a snake. It was brown with patterns, so I think it was a baby boa constrictor, not too dangerous for me, but I'm sure he was threatening me because I was too close. 

I know people will write things like "oh how cute" or "I love snakes", but I'll tell you right now that I don't get it. I love all animals, but there is something about the shape and movements of snakes that I cannot get past. They just creep me right out. Let's just agree to disagree I didn't want to take my eyes off of him in case he decided to go hide somewhere else in the place. I screamed and Selena ran to get the guys next door, who came and removed it, laughing at my reaction to it. ik. They had a machete, and I said "well don't kill him!", but they just used the flat edge to hold him down a little to be able to pick him up and move him out. Even though I don't like the sight of snakes I certainly don't want to kill them either. Something so strange happened to me- I almost passed out, dizzy and feeling faint. It took me a very long time to return to normal. 

When I was little I went to reach for my front door and a whole family of snakes slithered over my bare feet!! My mother thought I was being murdered by the sounds I made. My relationship with snakes has never been great. They are just so alien to me, no arms or legs, big sharp teeth and they attack you with their face! It's insane.

Earlier me, Selena and Simone were at Nicole's full moon ceremony, where she talked about shedding our old skin like snakes and being reborn. We shone some light on the darkest parts of our past, wrote them down and burned them. Very powerful full moon

I had Milo (my dog friend), sleep next to me all night
Hope you are all having an exciting full moon yourselves!

ps. this isn't a great photo of him because it was dark and I was shaking! 


Positive Reprogramming for your mind: My New cd Download!

Hi guys! I don't know if I ever mentioned this before, but for years now I have been making reprogramming cd's to train my subconscious to be positive, and to bust through obstacles I have had in my life. Here's how it works:

1. The Original Programming (The Obstacle):

We are all programmed, starting from the moment we are born, with things that make us who we are today, and that includes our problem areas and obstacles. The reason we know how to speak a

language, for example, is because we were programmed by our parents (mainly) to speak their language. In our first 5 years we are taught (programmed) with the ideas of the main people and media we are raised with. Their world view has shaped us, and then school, along with things like television, internet, movies and marketing enforce those beliefs.
Beliefs about money, how dangerous the world is, love and relationships, self worth, body image and everything else under the sun is drilled into us until we lose our true nature, which is perfect, and made of conscious light.

2. What Quantum Physics Says About our Thoughts and Beliefs:
We, and everything in the known universe, is made up of energy that can behave as waves or particles, depending on whether or not it is being observed (by you observing, or deciding how the world is, you make it so). You literally create the world around you based on your beliefs. Watch this short video if you want to understand it better:

In the video we see that the thoughts of the observer affect the experiment every single time. There is no getting around it. When no one watches the experiment, a wave pattern is formed (which means that it is in a state where all possibilities exist), until we choose the outcome, based on our beliefs about what we feel is possible (in other words, our programming). 

3. How do We Reverse Damaging Belief Systems?:
I have been obsessed with finding a way to reprogram my mind for the past fifteen years or so. I started out recording my voice onto tapes (believe it or not), because I didn't know how to do anything else. I would record one full side and then the other, so I could flip it at night when it stopped. Then I met someone who had a recording studio who helped me make my first professional one with a meditative tamboura (Indian instrument), in the background.
Since then I have made many different versions, and this latest cd has all of the most positive messages in one. When we retrain our minds to think positively we recreate our world view. 

This is me overcoming my fear of the open ocean!

4. How Do I Know it's Working?:
I have been told by friends who have used the cd, that for the first while you may experience frustrating dreams (I didn't go through that though, so you may not), as your ego mind struggles with the new ideas that are getting through to your subconscious, but this soon passes, and then you can expect to hear the messages as part of your dreams.

Let's unlock our true potential!
You may wake up inside the dream (lucid dreaming), and hear yourself excitedly telling people (in the dream) that they can do anything, and that all things are possible etc. This means that the messages are getting through to the deepest part of you. Since we have had an entire lifetime of programming, we need to listen to the cd as much as possible to see greater and greater effects.

5. How Has It Worked For Me?:
This is James, the sweetest soul I ever met. In our 8th year now :)
I always used to struggled when it came to relationships, often finding myself in negative partnerships that would end badly, until I started reprogramming. I gradually became attracted to a different kind of life, which included two really beautiful relationships (one of which I am currently still in, going on eight years). I can count on one hand how many times we have had arguments, which is a dramatic improvement from my past.

This is a detail from one of my oil paintings :)

I have been blessed with a beautiful life of exploration, art, travel and adventure, raising my son, (home-schooling him for many years), achieving two degrees in Fine Arts, writing my first book, (working on the second one right now!), and I have drawn thousands of people from all over the world to read my thoughts on consciousness and the vegan lifestyle. I am currently writing this to you on my laptop inside a tent on the beach in Dominical, Costa Rica. I would not have had the courage to do this without the reprogramming cd.

This is my first book! Second one coming soon!
"Do what you love and the money comes" has been a motto of mine for some time now. And it always has come, unexpectedly and from different means. 

This is an ongoing project that started with me listening to the cd sporadically, and then more and more frequently, until I was listening to it every single night into the next morning. 
This is my son Joshua on his 20th birthday! Awesome kid!
I thought it was a little funny at first because it's my voice repeating messages to myself, but then I started to see the effects. My other obsessions with quantum physics and spiritual evolution have convinced me beyond a doubt that our world view is everything. We are projecting the world around us, literally creating it out of our beliefs. So let's shape our own beliefs, without fear, and see what happens! 

This is me in Costa Rica where I am currently living in a tent, doing what I love :)

Click here to open a free audio sample :)

OR download it by Paying What You Can :)

6. How to Use The Reprogramming cd: 
1. You will be sent to a link where you will download it onto your computer using iTunes (or whichever program you are using), and then transfer it to your mp3 player (iPod, phone, or tablet etc. The smaller the device the better if you are placing it under your pillow, in which case I suggest a device with the wifi and bluetooth capabilities turned off, because you don't want to sleep with that going all night right at your head). You can also burn it onto a blank cd if you like, so you can use it in your cd player, which you can have next to your bed. 

2. Treat my voice on the cd as if it were you giving yourself the messages. Before you begin each session you can say out loud "These messages are for me. They are for my higher good". 

3. Set it to repeat in a loop and listen to it with the volume turned down so you can barely make out what is being said, or slightly higher if you like that better. I do a couple of different things- I listen to the cd either while I sleep throughout whole night, during the day in the background as I do my daily activities, or both. Remember that years of programming has to be undone, so the more you listen, the faster it will work for you! 

If you would like to try the reprogramming download for yourself I have a sliding scale, so pay what you can :) If you do not even have $5 just write me and I will send it to you for free. I wish you nothing but the beautiful life you deserve!! 

Thank you so much for supporting my efforts to make this world a better place!

Pay What You Can :)


Do Something That Scares You Today!

Hi Guys!
I wanted to tell you that I overcame my biggest fear and jumped off a boat into the ocean miles off shore! And I am still here to tell you about it. I also saw tons of the most beautiful black spotted and bottle-nose dolphins (which I have video of!).

What an incredible trip. I am truly grateful to be here in Costa Rica. We also saw lots of hungry crocodiles, but they did not eat me. However they did eat two poor souls over as many weeks.. I did not jump into the Sierpe River water (which led us out to the ocean). 

There was a big storm when we got out there, and I nearly lost my lunch, but something interesting happened. I got angry at the frustration of being on a roller coaster I couldn't get off of, and suddenly a switch went off inside me; I wasn't nauseated any more and I wasn't afraid. I've never experienced that before, but it was amazing to see that my will was so strong that it won against fear. We can all do this! I am rooting for you :) Do something that scares you today!

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