Journal Entry: Camping in Northern Ontario, And My Fear of Bears..

We're back from camping, and we had an amazing time, despite the cold, rainy weather that dropped on us, and my crystal clear realization that I am terrified of bears.. My fear was wildly out of control, encouraged by the signs everywhere that said "You Are In Bear Country. Bears Active In Campground", which I have to say, is not a good selling point.. And then my imagination took over from there. 

I did not sleep a wink. Most likely nothing would happen at all, and I know that some of you will say "Bears are so cute and won't hurt you", or something like that, but I think that kind of camping, even though I lived in a tent by myself in Costa Rica for half a year, is not for me. The only thing separating me from them is a piece of fabric  (tent), and even though we took all the precautions, I did not feel safe at all. I couldn't stop my thoughts of suddenly encountering this huge animal, stronger than me, with teeth for days, crazy claws, and is food obsessed. 

Even though everything was fine, my fear made it not fine, and I sent myself into panic that no matter how hard I tried to meditate, control my breathing or try to put myself in the place of the bears (what they might be thinking), I could not calm down, especially as night fell. I just stayed up, and every crack of a twig was for sure a bear..  It was interesting to watch myself go through that, but I'm not proud of it. I'm an animal lover, so what was the deal?

On another note, I made lots of really delicious camping food, and will be doing a section in the new book on what to bring and how to prepare it! One thing I made was a Raw + Spicy Peanut Pad Thai! By bringing zucchinis, a made-in-advance sauce and a spiral vegetable cutter, This camping meal was prepared in a few minutes. I also made a tahini dressing and a basil pesto to make other versions of the pasta, with appropriate vegetables, nuts and seeds to go on top :)) 

James and I did an incredible canoe outing on the second day that lasted seven hours (one hour too long for me, but I loved it, and felt safer on the water..). And we did two portages, which I have never done before, (James carried the canoe, while I got all the other things). Ontario is stunningly natural and breathtakingly beautiful. I managed to take some nice photos of a loon and her duckling, a painted turtle and a lot more :) 

All in all I loved being in magical forest, filled with wild mushrooms of every order, moss-covered rocks and powerful trees. I just need to get my fear in check. 
I hope you are all testing your limits and doing things that you love too :)

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Message From the Future :) Beautiful Video:

Hello, beautiful! Someone sent me this video from the future, and I thought you might like it ;)

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I love this video of a kid deciding to not eat animals:

Good morning, beautiful! I've seen this video before, but I watched it again this morning and I was moved again, so I thought you might like it. I feel like the kids are waking up to profound realizations at very young ages lately, and they have valuable lessons to teach us.

If you can't see the video just go to our blog: beautiful-vegan.com :)


How to Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind to Get What You Want - The Hidden Power

Hello, beautiful! I thought you might like this powerful video about how to reprogram your subconscious mind, so here it is:

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I love you, and wish you only your most fanciful dreams :)


magic is everywhere, you just have sit still and look.

Good morning! I just wanted to remind you that all things are possible, and that you can do anything you set your mind to. I know we forget sometimes, but sitting still by ourselves is such a powerful thing that we don't do often enough. So today let's breathe, and realize how very great and important we really are. 


The Prescription Drug Epidemic- My War on Drugs Rant:

Good morning, my lovelies! 
Here is a video rant that is perfect, (and my own rant below it). While governments and big pharma around the world shove legal drugs down our throats that keep us sick, killing more people than car crashes, they line their pockets and have a good laugh.

I'm a positive person, but sometimes I have to talk about what's going on right in front of our eyes. Someone has to scream it out loud. How could we be so blind?

We have the power to heal our own bodies, and you know it. I have been trying for half my life to make people aware of this, in gentle ways- not preaching, and I have seen an incredible leap forward by huge numbers of souls. But not even my own family has taken a thing I say seriously. It's as if I am just writing about transforming lives with high-raw foods because I am trying to be better than everyone, or that I am just an extreme person who goes way too far. 

What is extreme is people injecting themselves with needles three times a day for their type 2 diabetes and taking a handful of pills everyday. Here are two links to watch the documentaries Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days, and Forks Over Knives. 

People say eating raw vegan food is so expensive, but diabetes medication is not covered by the healthcare system here in Canada, so hundreds of dollars a month are spent on it that could easily be directed toward eating better. 
I'm not extreme. I'm as real as they come. Eating real food, doing real yoga (I still suck at it, but I do my best), and not taking a single pill at the age of 42. I'm far from perfect, but I'm trying to live my best life possible. People say to me "Oh I wish I could do yoga, but I just can't because I have back problems and my doctor said I shouldn't". Well what do I have to say about that? Get another opinion. Go to a yoga center and ask a professional. 

I was in an accident that almost killed me five years ago, as many of you know, and I haven't had an easy time, but yoga saved me. And I still have pain in my back, my knee, my hip, my neck, my arm and my shoulder, but I manage it with yoga. If you have pain in your body, it's a clear sign you should be doing yoga. Just commit to five minutes a day of touching your mat. Getting started is the hardest part, but tricking yourself by committing to five minutes, will get you going. 
Ok, I'm done my rant. Carry on :)

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days- Full Documentary Movie:

Here is the full documentary movie Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days! I think my link has been down for a while, sorry. If you have diabetes or know someone who does, this movie is for you to watch and share. There is no need to fall into depression with the diagnosis, because you have choices. You have a lot of control over your destiny :)

I love you, and I want you to feel amazing!

If you are receiving this via email, just visit our blog to watch the full movie :) beautiful-vegan.com

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