Documentaries and Videos:

Watch the trailer below or Click here to watch Full Movie:

Talk Between ellen and Jonathan Safran about Veganism:

Find out the truth about "freerange" or "cage-free" chickens:

10 Million American gone Vegan?:

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes with her U.N. speech:

Go vegan for the planet message:

The Beautiful Truth Movie Trailer:

Food Matters documentary trailer:

Meet Your Meat: (quite graphic, but it will change you)

The Witness:

Peaceable Kingdom trailer:

Let's Take a Real Look at the Plastic Bag:

More to come! xo


feinan.long said...

It was nice to bump into you today at Urban Edge Yoga! Sorry, I'm kinda awkward socially...all I can do manage is small talk sometimes! Next time I catch you around the place, I'd like to ask you about that tattoo s'more :p

Also, I watched Earthlings a few weeks ago, and man, that was brutal. My mom gave me a leather wallet for Christmas last year and I've been using it, but after that I don't think I can bear to carry it around with me anymore. On the other hand, throwing it away seems like a bad idea too! :( Maybe I should give it to someone...?

A said...

Thank you for posting these films, "Earthlings" has completely transformed me and changed my life, I am now 100% Vegan and will continue to be for as long as I live. I am slowly making my way through all the films on Spread the Word. Cheers.

vegan_pappa said...

Something to look forward to:

Rachael said...

Dear Beautiful vegan,

Just wanted to say thanks so much for posting these documentries! I thought i had seen just about everything but it turns out i havnt. Earthlings was outstanding and in my opinion should be seen by everyone in order to make an informed choice. Glad to be a vegan and will definately reccomend this site to people and the documentries so others can make informed decisions

Rachael said...

Hey Beautiful vegans,

Just wanted to sincerly thank you for this site and the eye opening documentries you have. I thought i had seen just about everything - turns out i hadnt. im definately going to reccomend earthlings to everyone i know! Glad to be a vegan and making my own informed choice to help end animal suffering

Mademoisellanie said...

Hey Beautiful Friends,

Your link for "No Impact Man" is dead, but here is another link that worked for me today:

Love & Blessings,


Anonymous said...

hey i love your site i am a new vegan and it has helped a lot...i was a bit interested in the fact that you dont have the documentary Sharkwater on here but you have The Cove...any story behind that...i would love to see it on here it is an amazing documentary and with sharks being my favorite animals a great way for people to see them for what they really are, rather than "killing machines".

Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your site while searching for vegan info. I have toyed with vegetarianism for about twenty years, only taking it seriously for two. Then I watched Go Further and something in me clicked. On April 23, 2011 I chose to follow a vegan diet. After watching a few of the documentaries here on your site I realized the choice I had made was the right one for me. I will NEVER eat meat or dairy ever again! Thanks for creating this site and sharing it with us. Peace n love to you all!

Lyn Rose said...

Thank you to everyone who has made effort in their lives to love themselves, the planet and the animals who live here with us!

Anonymous said...

If you are interested in learning more about and exploring the Vegan lifestyle through film, you should take a look at the movie: Jim Morris: Lifelong Fitness. JIm Morris is a 78 year old vegan body builder and his inspiring story can be found here:

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