73 Year Old Vegan, Mimi Kirk, Looks Awesome!

Mimi Kirk was voted Sexiest Vegetarian over 5o a couple of years ago... She's looking better than ever, and she credits her vegan lifestyle. She will soon turn 74, but she says she doesn't feel her age at all. She's in perfect health and has what seems like a charmed life.

You hear this all the time- Vegans look younger and are healthier in general. People just don't know because they haven't tried it in order to feel the difference it makes. I have never heard anyone say there is no profound effect, after trying Veganism for a while, especially if they are eating a lot of raw, whole foods.

Here is another incredible example of youthfulness at the age of 70:

I love it when I tell people I have a son who is 21 (Josh of the beautiful-vegan crew), and their jaw drops because I don't look 42.  I swear it's because:
1. I have been living a Vegan lifestyle for more than 13 years now, and Vegetarian for most of my life before that.
2. I completely stopped drinking alcohol about five years ago.
3. I have never smoked a day in my life.
4. I don't take prescription drugs of any kind.
5. I eat lots of raw, whole foods (...you can be Vegan and just eat french fries, chips, pasta and bread all the time, but it won't make you feel good).
6. I try my best to stay in a positive light, and be as close to my true nature as I can manage (I try to put aside my ego when I see it peeking out). I'm not perfect, and that's okay too :)

We can all have a vibrant life and be inspired by health instead of threatened by it.

Here is another wonderful man who is a 72 year old Raw Vegan named Jim Morris: 

It's absolutely incredible to see vibrant, healthy, beautiful people at this age! I love it. Let's all get inspired to eat more Raw, Vegan food, and love ourselves enough to do only what our bodies tell us feels good!!

Lyn and everyone here at Beautiful-Vegan.com


Irene @ H.E.S.H. said...

Amazing body!! Inspired me more to stick with my vegan diet.

Irina Burlack said...

Wow, this is amazing! Thanks so much for the inspiration :))

Unknown said...

Daniel 1:11-16 in the Bible recommends a vegetarian diet, too, by the way.

Lutrinaë said...

I discovered your blog recently and I'm loving it, it really inspires me :o)

I've been vegan for one year and before that vegetarian for 3, and I'm still looking for the perfect balance in my food which is not always easy when you also have to consider the budget :)

Thanks for making this blog!

Anonymous said...

i think this is a wonderful site. please keep up the good work! very idiosyncratic and creative.
xo wanda

Lyn Rose said...

Thank you so much, everyone! YOU are what inspires me. I love what I do, and hope to light that spark in every soul. I love you with all my heart :)

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