7 Edible Plants You Can Grow Inside!

1. Sprouts: Probably the simplest thing to grow inside, and full of nutrients, are sprouts of various plants such as alfalfa,  bean sprouts, sunflower sprouts, red clover, broccoli and many more. They do not need much light at all (in fact they do better in low light). Get a jar, add the seeds to cover the bottom, soak in water over night, drain water using either cheesecloth or nylon staling over the jar, and rinse them twice a day until sprouts begin to grow (around 5 days or so)! We grow sprouts all the time. Make sure you use sprouting seeds especially designed for that purpose, as many times you will find that they have been radiated and therefore will not grow.

2. Lettuce: Different types of Lettuce can be grown in containers inside, provided windows are south facing and let in lots of light. The soil should be moist, fertile and well-drained.

3. Orange Trees: Many varieties of miniature orange and citrus trees can be purchased to grow fruit all year long. They look so fantastic and cheer up a room to boot! My mum used to grow them when we were little and I remember thinking it was so cool.

4. Herbs: Herbs such as Basil, Mint, Rosemary, Dill, Parsley, Cilantro, and Chives are simple to grow indoors. Grow in well-drained pots in windows that get as much sun as possible. Soil should be fertile and light. Don't water them too much, especially in winter months (as the temperature gets cooler in windows that are drafty, they need much less watering, but don't let them completely dry out either).

5. Tomatoes: Tomatoes, especially different varieties of cherry tomatoes grow well indoors provided you have south-facing windows that do not have a draft during the winter months. The soil must stay moist, as dry soil stresses the plants and they will not produce fruit in stressful conditions. Tomato plants need to be well-supported as they grow, and in order for them to flourish, pluck off the extra shoots that begin to grow between the main branches. This will allow the plants to focus on fruit growing instead of more greenery. Tomato plants need to be sprayed with a pollinating spray for fruit production while growing indoors because you probably won't have bees... but it's cheap and you can buy non-toxic varieties.
As with most of the plants I am mentioning, they can be set out on a balcony or patio 
in the summer, to strengthen and air them out.


6. Peppers: Red, green, yellow, orange, hot or sweet peppers can be grown inside with great success. You must have them in south-facing windows that do not have a draft during the winter months, like the tomatoes. They like average to fertile, moist but well-drained soil. The soil must stay moist, as dry soil stresses the plants and they will not produce fruit in stressful conditions. Chili Peppers need hotter windows than sweet peppers to grow fruit, so keep that in mind. They will be small peppers, but satisfying none the less :)

7. Green-beans: Grow very well in sunny windows with average to fertile, humus rich soil that is moist but well-drained. They also need good support as they grow quickly, and need to hold onto small trellises for stability. 

House plants are remarkable. They not only lend beauty to our spaces, but improve our air quality, make us feel at ease, and can even be a source of healing and food.
For useful advice and tips on growing houseplants go to this University of Illinois Houseplants Website.

Many of my plants (and I have a crazy jungle in here), are rescued souls from people who have left them on the side of the road or even in the garbage bin at work (I have a 6 year-old Poinsettia, which was thrown out by a co-worker because she assumed they were only seasonal).

You can also go to garden centres and greenhouses to buy lovely indoor trees, plants and seeds, or even  buy plants on-line from various websites.

Yay for plants! Grow Grow Grow!

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